Portable Washroom Rentals
S.C.Watson has a large inventory of portable washrooms to service the needs of the Niagara Region from intimate weddings to large events. We also supply construction sites and agricultural needs.
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Standard/Barrier-free Portable Washroom Rentals
Our dark green portables come in standard(pictured above and below, left), with hand sanitizer dispensers, with small foot-pedal sinks(pictured below, right) or with re-circulating flush styles. The barrier-free portables (pictured below, middle) are designed with large doors and rails for wheel chair and stroller access.  We also have a few standard pink portables.  A portion of their rental goes to fight Breast Cancer.
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Our dark green elite portables are a step above the traditional standard portable. They come with foot-pedal sinks and toilets. The extra floor space makes these units conveniently roomier.

Handwash Station Rentals
We have free standing handwash stations for events or job sites that allow people to wash hands by means of a fresh water tank and a foot pedal prime. They have soap and towel dispensers attached and carry up to 60gal of fresh water.

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Self-Contained Washroom Rentals
Single heated self-contained washroom units are equipped with fresh water flush toilets and hot water sinks for construction sites or events. They require 120/240V electrical connection to set up. These units can be hooked-up to city sewers on the job site or we can service the units weekly with our service truck.

VIP & Wedding Washrooms Trailer Rentals
Our VIP Washroom Trailers (pictured below) are designed for weddings and special events with either 3 private entrances or 2 private entrances. Both styles have premium interiors, flush toilets, hot water sinks, florescent lighting, air-conditioning & heating and sound systems.

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Washroom Trailer Rental
S.C.Watson has a 10' by 23’ washroom trailer equipped with male and female facilities. 3 stalls and 2 sinks on the ladies’ side and 2 stalls, 2 urinals and 2 sinks on the men’s side. The sinks have push-button metered faucets to conserve water.  The trailer requires a 120/240V electrical and a fresh water connection. It can be directly hooked-up to city sewers, or a holding tank that we can service weekly.
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Office Trailer
We have a 10’ by 30’ office trailer for construction sites or events.
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